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    Celebration: A Fiction To Heal 3/5

      As one individual among seven billion others currently inhabiting this planet, I  often wonder how we actually manage to make it work on a daily basis.  And I guess the fact that I just recently moved from a tiny city to a very big one can only emphasize that line of reasoning. A lot of you are probably already cringing at the remark thinking that between wars, global warming, social inequalities and many, many other issues, well, we’re obviously not making a great job at making it work. But politics aside, my focus here is more on up-close and personal human interaction, the almost one-on-one kind of relationship when…

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    Dear Body: Can I have a word?

    When I think of the term “body image” or even “body positivity,” the first thing that comes to mind is bullying. From getting picked on in the schoolyard as a kid to the society expectations on our bodies as adults, our body image is too easily shaped by these forms of bullying. And soon enough, you start to adopt that bullying yourself. As an adult, I like to think I fully comprehend the meaning of body positivity. After all, it seems explicit enough: love your body. Yet there is still a struggle to embrace that love, and to accept my body as it is. Most days, I would say that…

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    Celebration: A Fiction To Heal 2/5

    How to define yourself. You know that moment when you have to introduce yourself and everything you say feels like a very generic, not so accurate version of who you truly are in terms of personality, personal tastes, ambition and so on? This is what this video is about. It is about finding who you are as an individual among seven billion others on the planet and how you can define yourself in private so that you can introduce yourself to a stranger. Hey, before you go …   Do you ever wondered what the hell you’re doing with your life? I know this might sound a bit off-guard but…

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    Celebration: A Fiction To Heal

      Video Transcript: I can’t really remember when I came up with the idea for my book but what I remember is that I was in college and I was writing a lot about life, work … you know love, and all that stuff and I was looking at other people that seemed like they were doing so fine and like they knew where they were going and I was kind of lost. So, I guess writing sort of helped me keep track of my emotions and what I was feeling. And the pages started to grow and soon enough it became a fiction with characters that had names and…