Celebration: A Fiction To Heal

Video Transcript:

I can’t really remember when I came up with the idea for my book but what I remember is that I was in college and I was writing a lot about life, work … you know love, and all that stuff and I was looking at other people that seemed like they were doing so fine and like they knew where they were going and I was kind of lost. So, I guess writing sort of helped me keep track of my emotions and what I was feeling. And the pages started to grow and soon enough it became a fiction with characters that had names and physical features and a life of their own. So I kept writing until their story was told, and it became the tale of five young adults living in London trying to figure out life as well … And I guess I wrote it because it’s the kind of book I wanted to read and also the kind of book I had been looking for, for like hours in a bookstore because somehow you hope that the story will resonate with you and it will give you answers to your own problems.

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