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How to figure out relationships (celebration, a novel)

As one individual among seven billion others currently inhabiting this planet, I  often wonder how we actually manage to make it work on a daily basis. 

And I guess the fact that I just recently moved from a tiny city to a very big one can only emphasize that line of reasoning.

A lot of you are probably already cringing at the remark thinking that between wars, global warming, social inequalities and many, many other issues, well, we’re obviously not making a great job at making it work.

But politics aside, my focus here is more on up-close and personal human interaction, the almost one-on-one kind of relationship when it’s about you, and just one other person. 

Moving to a new city and igniting a lot of personal changes in my life for the past few months got me thinking a lot about human connection and bonding. It made me reconsider my current relationships, the ones I’ve left behind, and the ones that are yet to create. Actually, some days it feels like starting all over again, and not even from scratch but more like from the ground-up.

So I started wondering about how to actually start a relationship. How do I meet people and genuinely engage with them at a time where there’s an app for everything?

Sometimes I feel like having an abundant social life matters more in our society than the actual quality of our interactions. But as time goes by, I have become more and more picky about the people I decide to let in my inner circle. 

Of course, I know we can’t always have deep and trustworthy relationships with people but I don’t think it really matters what label you put on it. It’s  more about how we try to fight loneliness and how we crave for that sense of connection, like there’s people out there that just get you, they get who you are and what you miss when they’re not around is the connection. 

And as I was meditating on that craving, I couldn’t help but realize how much it’s all intertwined with the most important relationship of all, the basic foundation of all others: the one you have with yourself.

So now, I wonder: how do you create and nurture your relationships?

The third video in the Celebration video series is up on Youtube. You can watch it here, and if you do, I’d love to read about your thoughts on it.

So come on, don’t shy away and let me know in the comments.

And until next time, take good care of yourself (and your relationships).



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