I know the norm would want me to write this section in the third person but that’s just way too weird (even for me). My name is Mounia Bagha and I am the author of Celebration published in December 2015 and of its French version Nos Jours de Fêtes published in December 2017. I have also published articles in various online publications that you can check out in the Writing section.

I like to write about people you could meet in real life and that are involved in the kind of situation you could understand and I absolutely love to empathise with my characters especially when they involve in self-sabotage, probably because it reminds me of (a lot of) people I know.

I also create mini videos all revolving around the themes (in no particular order) of love, friendship, family, heartaches and expectations … Well, basically about life and all the WTF in-between that have inspired Celebration.

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A Little Note For The Aspiring Writers


When I first started to contemplate the idea of self-publishing my novel, I soon became overwhelmed by the amount of information I would need to process. What are the formatting guidelines? Which platform should I use? How do I promote my novel?

And most importantly, where the heck do I start?

A Book In The Making is the recounting of my own journey as an Indie writer. From coming up with my book idea to querying book cover designers and finding out about useful marketing tips,  I have put together a booklet that will help you find some clarity. It is packed with worth-knowing information and actionable tips that will give you a structure to begin with.

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